We send out a very special congratulation to one of our great Sioux Falls students, who's hard work and talent pays off in a big way. We are all proud of this young man!

Caleb Miller, a student at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has won an honorable prize in C-SPAN’s national 2019 StudentCam competition. Miller will receive a prize for the video documentary, Another Free Day, about freedom of speech, religion and right to bear arms.

Each year since 2006, C-SPAN partners with its local cable television providers in communities nationwide to invite middle and high school students to produce short documentaries about a subject of national importance. This year students addressed the theme, "What does it mean to be American? Choose a constitutional right, national characteristic, or historic event and explain how it defines the American experience."

Miller is among the 340 students across the country winning a total of $100,000, including one grand prize winner, four first prize winners, 16 second prize winners, 32 third prize winners and 97 honorable mentions.

You can view the award winning videos online.

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