If you're feeling down and don't think life is worth living, Best Selling Author Melanie Brown of Sioux Falls has a message of hope!

"It's the choices we make make us," Melanie tells us, "and it all starts with the Attitude of Gratitude.  If we get up with the right attitude, it makes for a wonderful day.  If we get out of bed first thing in the morning and stub our toe, some people look at it as a bad day.  Just like a lot of people regret Monday morning.  Monday is really the pace setter for the rest of the week.  If we make a difference right away on Monday---it is a fabulous rest of the week.  You have to make something good out of everything that happens to you in life."

If you're addicted to negative thinking, Melanie offers this advice.

"Block out everything else in life---turn your radio up loud and clear so you can hear it.  Right at that moment, tell yourself---'this is not going to get to me.  I am going to control the challenge I have instead of the challenge controlling me."

No doubt about it:  Melanie says positive thinking is the key to personal and professional success.

"I grew up on motivational author and speaker Zig Ziglar.  Everything that Zig talked about centered around the power of positive thinking.  When you get in that aura and that positive state of mind, your body follows your most dominant thoughts.  If we're thinking 'I'm tired and I am going to get sick and this is going to be a crappy Monday,'  that's what you'll experience.  Instead---we can say 'This is going to be an awesome day.  I am going to make a difference. This is going to be a fabulous week.'"   In other words, we are and will become what we think about!

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