No kid should have to go without lunch at school. Even if that child and his or her family can't pay for meals. We as a society should make sure they are fed. This shouldn't even be a question.

It's a reality that some school systems are struggling with recouping the cost for unpaid school lunches. Some schools are even considering sending the past due amount of lunch accounts to collection agencies. That is crap.

I think the folks at The Barrel House in Sioux Falls agree with me. They are doing a POP-UP Fundraiser event for Hungry Hearts. Hungry Hearts works to make sure all Sioux Falls kids get at least one hot meal a day.

All Day Thursday, February 28th the Barrel House, at 4701 E 54th Street, will donate 50% of ALL sales! They will also match 100% of any and every free will donation! NO MATTER THE SIZE!

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Barrel House will also have silent auction items you can bid on from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM (don't need to be present to win). 100% of funds raised for Hungry Hearts go directly to fighting child hunger in our community.

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