Thanks (or no thanks) to the pandemic we've all become a lot more aware of cleanliness. I mean, how many times have you used hand sanitizer or soap in the past week?

Past week?? Heck, how many times just today?

And you're paying a lot more attention to keeping things clean at work. And at home.

About the only place, your safe these days is in your vehicle. Or not.

Aston University did research that had absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus, in fact, it was done several years ago. And yet, it seems to hit home just a little bit harder these days. It has to do with bacteria and our vehicles.

The article states that we spend, on average, about three years of our lives in our cars (With some of the beauties I've owned it may seem a lot longer). About a quarter of us eat in our car at least once a week, and a significant number of us admit, well yeah, there are some food wrappers lying around in the car. In fact, maybe some uneaten food, too.

According to the article, the typical car has 283 different types of bacteria, no not in the car, in every square centimeter! The worst spot in the vehicle as far as bacteria? No, not the steering wheel. Nope, not the dashboard.

It's the gearshift.

So maybe while you're Lysoling (is that a word?? Well, you know what I mean) around the home and office, maybe take a can out to the 'ol car, too. Give it a good going over. And stay healthy my friends!

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