If you're having a little trouble finding your favorite toilet paper when shopping online at Costco, you're not alone.  Yep...emptying the toilet paper shelves inside the stores is just the beginning of this all too familiar trend.  Now, Costco shoppers might have to wait until this household item arrives at their doorsteps.

Costco recently warned its online shoppers that toilet paper and other essential household items ordered online are experiencing some shipping delays.  Fox Business is reporting that Costco's website has seen a huge increase in sales for household items.  Due to this high demand, shipping these products may take longer than normal.

A representative from the warehouse tells Fox Business "that the company is working to fulfill everything as quickly as possible and that customers will get a follow-up email with tracking information once an order has shipped."  This message actually shocked some shoppers. However, in reality, this news is truly not all that surprising. Costco had one important message in its recent store policy update that foreshadowed this outcome.

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Just a few weeks ago, some Costco locations reinstated the practice of shoppers limiting their purchases.  The retailer has noticed that once again shoppers are stocking up on items just like they did during the height of the pandemic.

Besides toilet paper running low yet again, Costco shoppers have also noticed that other items like paper towels and cases of water are in limited supply inside the warehouses themselves.

So do these shortages indicate people are beginning to panic about another wave of COVID-19? It's possible, but no one really knows.  Either way, store shelves are starting to look a little thin at Costco locations including right here in Sioux Falls.

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