Sioux Falls Police Department spokesman Sam Clemens says the Coffee With A Cop project is paying off for the community.

"It is actually a nationwide program. We had officers that received training for the program. It is really designed to have the officers connect with people that live and work in Sioux Falls," said Clemens.

"There is a lot of good that can come with these sessions. It really breaks down barriers and allows people to talk about any issue they would want to. It doesn't have to be crime related. It could be just questions or even talking about the weather, sports, whatever."

Clemens says Coffee with a Cop benefits both the police department and the public.

'We find out about problems or issues that people may not be comfortable about calling us. The other side is citizens get to know the officers. They feel more comfortable in the future if there are concerns about calling us."

Clemens says the police department participated in two 'Coffee with a Cop' sessions this week.

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