Oh My Cupcakes, and Oh My Word are taking action to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Both Sioux Falls store locations are teaming up with the community, to help collect an often overlooked, but very much needed relief item.

From the Oh My Cupcakes Facebook page:

Everyone's thoughts and prayers are with those affected by hurricane Harvey. But what can we do from here? Simple.
As I learned in the video below, underwear is one of the most overlooked but most needed items in a natural disaster.
We are collecting packages of *NEW* underwear in all sizes, kids to adults, at Oh My Cupcakes! and Oh My Word. Also including notes of encouragement for the recipients, so grab a few packages of undies, write a little note, and drop off! We will send the giant care package down end of next week. Please share and help us send love from South Dakota! #ShiningLovewithUnderwearandCupcakes

There is always something we can do to help people out, and there are plenty of people, and businesses rallying around the country to help out in some way.

If you would like to donate $10 to relief efforts, you can text HARVEY 9099 from your cell phone.

The Red Cross in Sioux Falls, is offering a training, Monday September 4th, for people able to travel, and offer help and support for two weeks.

To register for the class, and for more info click here.


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