I went for a little drive today during the blizzard. I know, travel wasn't advised. But neither was me staying inside the house all day without going out to check it out.

These photos were taken between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM. The streets at that time were easily passable with a 4-wheel drive truck with all-terrain tires, as mine has.

Cliff Avenue between 33rd and 26th Streets had mild drifts in it. It felt like you were driving in a relatively flat pasture. Not super bumpy, but certainly not smooth.

I also saw cops giving tickets on Minnesota Avenue north of downtown to a couple of vehicles that will need a skid loader to dig out their vehicles.

I tried to get hazy snow photos of Falls Park but that was the one place I nearly got stuck. Hard pass on that.

I hate that this is happening in April. I'm tired of winter. But at the same time, I love a good blizzard. It's a pain but it makes life interesting.

April 14 Blizzard 2018

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