You're at the pump. You've swiped your card. You've followed the prompts, and now the instructions tell you to choose the grade of fuel.

You have choices. One of them says it contains ethanol and that happens to be the cheapest.

Is it OK to put in your car?

The answer is it's more than OK. It is better to put in your car.

Why wouldn't you choose the ethanol blend? It's cheaper, it's better for your car, and it's even better for the environment.

As a matter of fact, look how many people are using it. Growth Energy announced that in just five months American drivers have surpassed another billion miles on E15, bringing the total miles driven across the U.S. to 2 billion.

More than 1,000 fuel stations around the country are offering E15 - nearly triple the number of stations from the same time last year, and almost 16 million American adults have access to the fuel with more choosing it every day.

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