With everything going on in the world in regards to coronavirus, some news stories get lost in the shuffle. But one that jumped out at me was the announcement that the murder hornet has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. So, what is it, and how worried should we be by this menacing bug?

What is a 'Murder Hornet'?: Its real name is the Asian Giant Hornet. Being much larger than its cousins, it primarily feeds on large insects, like bees.

Can it hurt people?: Yes, its sting can be lethal to humans, but the good news is we're not the prey it's looking for. Most experts say the risk to the average human is relatively low.

Will we see them in South Dakota?: Not likely. The Asian Giant Hornet typically lives in forested areas near low lying mountains. In the unfortunate instance that you come across run, experts advise that you run away.

Why are they here?: To feed on honeybees. Scientists say that if things get out of control, they could decimate an already fragile honeybee population.

Scientists are currently looking to find any and all Asian Giant Hornet locations in the U.S., so they can eradicate them. I, for one, will be cheering them on in their quest.

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