After a thirty-second pursuit Thursday morning at 5:30 AM (April 4), police watched a suspect crash a stolen vehicle near 3rd and Franklin Avenue and the flee.

Police became involved in the situation about an hour earlier at 4:40 AM when two calls came in about shots being fired in the 1100 block of North Cleveland, possibly at an apartment building, and a home hit with bullets in the 1500 block of East 5th Street. As officers responded to those calls, a man flagged down police saying his blue 2014 Dodge Avenger had just been stolen from the 900 block of North Cleveland.

Working in tandem, officers realized that the shooting suspect's car and the stolen care were the same.

Another officer spotted the stolen car near 6th and Cliff and followed behind until backup could arrive. When more officers arrived the suspect took off at a high rate of speed but could not navigate a curve in the road and crashed.

The suspect ran but was apprehended within five minutes near 4th and Indiana.

A gun was found in the vehicle and investigators are reviewing whether it could have been the gun used in the reported shootings.

Joshua Jacob Arrow Jr, 18, from Sioux Falls, was arrested Thursday afternoon.

He was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, grand theft, felony aggravated eluding, hit and run, DWI 1st, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, reckless driving, no driver’s license, possession of a loaded firearm while intoxicated, underage consumption of alcohol, fleeing police, and failure to stop at a red light.

No one was injured in the chain of events.


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