Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon.  Abbott had Costello.  Desi had Lucy.

And Ralph had Shotgun Red.

One of the greatest things about the Nashville Network (and something, unfortunately, CMT is sorely missing) was a show called 'Nashville Now'.

Many of us would tune in nightly, like people did for The Tonight Show, and watch host Ralph Emery talk with every major star in Country Music.

No, I'm not kidding.  Everybody who was anybody in Country Music would stop by and visit with Ralph.  The established Country Star's would share stories about their life and career.  The 'new' and upcoming artist's would come on, sing their new (and often first) country hit, then walk over to introduce themselves to America.

And often, Ralph would be joined by his 'sidekick', Shotgun Red.

In this video clip, it's the final 'Nashville Now' show and Shotgun Red pretty much says it all, how we all felt, about Ralph Emery.

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