The Hamlin County Sheriffs Department posted on their Facebook page that 6 Pelicans had been shot on Lake Marsh. One of the comments below the pictures was from Rose Esche:

“That is so very sad. Those poor creatures were not harming anyone. Praying they find those responsible and hold them accountable. The senseless slaughter of innocent animals makes me so sick and angry.”

I agree Rose.

Hamlin County Sheriff's Office Facebook
Pelican Shot on Lake Marsh South Dakota

It, of course, is illegal to shoot the protected Pelican in South Dakota. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks would like your help finding the guilty party or parties that shot these birds.

TIPS (South Dakota Turn In Poachers) posted the following request on there Facebook:

..."South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks are seeking information regarding 6 pelicans that were shot on the north side of Lake Marsh in Hamlin County. These birds were shot from the highway west of Hayti on 188th street sometime between the evening of May 16th to the morning of May 17th. If you have any information regarding the incident, please contact the Hamlin County Conservation Officer, Dan Sternhagen at 605-881-0018 or use the TIPS hotline at 1-800-OVERBAG. A caller that provides information to an arrest is eligible for a reward."

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Lake Marsh Hamlin County South Dakota
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