If you ever meet Shawna, you'll soon learn of her giving heart. She puts other's needs ahead of hers, even if it may break her own heart.

Shawna allowed my daughter Jenna to ride and show Honey at 4H practices and shows. Ribbons were won with the partnership and we are grateful for Honey being a part of our lives until my daughter got her own horse Daisy. That is just one example of how Shawna gave to others.

Shawna's love of her horse Honey was known by everyone at the stables. If her day was going well, you could see Shawna enjoying a trail ride with friends. If her day was tough, Honey seemed to sense the pain and struggle, and nestled into Shawna's neck to comfort her.

About a year ago when family medical bills became too much to bear, Shawna made the wrenching decision to sell Honey. Even though she no longer had a horse of her own, Shawna kept in touch with everyone at the stables, visiting during vet check-up day and barbecue gatherings. You could see how Shawna mourned the loss of Honey in her life.

News had spread that Honey's new owners were making changes in their life and it involved putting Honey up for sale. That's when the group of horse owners at the stables, family, and friends jumped into action and not only paid for Honey, but provided for stable space, bought tack, grain, and other needed supplies. Jessica Deering of Valley Springs got the ball rolling on this loving project to remember her brother in law Cale, who died in an accident two years ago.

The surprise was revealed amidst family and friends, gathered around Honey, as everyone waited for Shawna to open the double doors to the arena. See how Shawna and Honey react to seeing each other, after their time apart.

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