Living life in the western part of America is the best. If you doubt me, tell me anyplace else where you can potentially wake up in the morning and have wild horses grazing in your yard? That's exactly what happened to one family recently as a new video share proves.

The video wasn't taken by the family, but by a driver going by. Here's what they said about this morning "grazing session":

A dry canal is bringing wild mustangs into the neighborhoods in a suburban town in search of food and water. No landscaping damage was done. Only manure left behind.

This happened in Fernley, Nevada based on the video description, by the way.

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There's a bit of controversy about this one. Several comments on YouTube question whether or not these are really wild horses. I agree that this is highly unusual as I've never seen a wild herd get this close to civilization before. One person claimed that a local rancher had some mustangs get loose around the same time this happened, so perhaps the only "wild" thing about the video is the experience of cleaning up the horse "droppings".

I will still argue that even having semi-wild horses in your yard is purely a western experience.

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