The final hurdle has been completed. The South Dakota High School Activities Association has approved the Sweet-16 playoff format for Class AA, and Class B.

This past April the SDHSAA Board of Directors approved the switch to a Sweet-16 format in Class AA on a 6-3 vote and Class B on a 8-1 vote. Those votes pushed the decision to the last scheduled board of directors meeting.

Today (June 8) the SDHSAA Board of Directors confirmed and passed the motion on a 6-2 vote to approve the Sweet-16 playoff system for Class AA and Class B boys basketball, girls basketball, and girls volleyball.

Both classes will take the top 16 teams based on seed points and have them play a traditional tournament (1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15 etc.). Once the first round is over, the final eight teams will advance to the state tournament like normal.

This format will remove the long-standing district/region double elimination format used in Class AA. Class B will now take the 16 district winners and play the round based on seed point standings instead of geography.

The new changes will go into effect for the upcoming 2017-18 seasons.

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