Gentlemen, you may want to work on that stand-up set. According to a study referenced on Psychology Today's website men who are funny are better in bed.

That's right us funny men are can satisfy a lady the best, science says so!

Somebody at a science place did some science stuff and found that LLA Goof B; ladies love a goofball.

The good news doesn't end in the bedroom either. The article stated that "Women also reported that funny partners were more popular, more intelligent, more creative, and had better leadership skills than men who did not have a great sense of humor...They also felt safer and more committed to their partner."

Why did the chicken cross the road? To rule the world and score all the ladies (see what I did there? Chicken - road - joke. Huh? Huh? Fine.)

They also found that women not just had a better time with the jester, they wanted more of him more often, "Women also initiated more sex with men who have a great sense of humor, and had more sex with them in general." Just remember that the good feeling you get when he makes you laugh is only the beginning.

The moral of the story is you're better off with the funny guy. So swipe right for humor, or left is it? I don't know how that works, but do the thing that makes the stuff work.

Oh, and in my experience, a funny woman is much better as well.

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