I hope this isn't too cheesy...but it's too GOUDA to be true!!

I've heard of some strange laws that are actually on the books across the 50 states, but this bizarre law in South Dakota is just too funny.  Apparently, it is illegal to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory!  However, if you fall asleep standing up in a cheese factory in South Dakota, then you have nothing to worry about. This law comes from the Only In Your State website.

I'm sorry but what??? This law is really tempting to defy in the event I ever visit a cheese factory because of how ridiculous it is!  But, there are apparently seven more named on Only In Your State. One of the strangest laws included on the South Dakota list delineates not allowing people to cause static.....

What are some other strange state laws you are aware of either in South Dakota or in another state in our great nation?

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