School bells will be ringing again in just a matter of weeks, and there is a dire need for school bus drivers here in the Sioux Empire before that happens.

KSFY TV is reporting that School Bus Inc. the company that runs the school buses for the Sioux Falls School District is currently experiencing a school bus shortage.

As it stands right now, School Bus Inc. could be down 20 to 25 drivers by the time the first day of school comes rolling around.

Jim Shafer manager for School Bus Inc. told KSFY TV, "The burden is big on us, the shop, the office and myself, we'll all be out there driving to try to get the first day of school covered."

Shafer said being a school bus driver is actually a great part-time gig. "With bonuses and incentives, and stuff we're over $17.25 an hour."

Being a school bus driver could be the perfect situation for a retiree, a college student, or anyone looking for a way to make a few extra bucks.

Shafer told KSFY TV that School Bus Inc. is willing to work around your hours. If you work in the morning, perhaps you could drive a bus in the afternoon and vice versa.

The KSFY TV report states anyone with a CDL is automatically expedited through the process of getting a drivers job. Already having a CDL cuts out a huge requirement that has a waiting period of 14 days after the person takes, and passes, a written exam.

Every applicant must pass a federal background check and a pre-employment drug screening to get a drivers job. A training class to be a school bus driver is also required according to Shafer.

If being a school bus driver is something that interests you, get more information on how to apply with School Bus Inc. here.

Source: KSFY TV

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