Well, I was surprised twice this past Saturday.

The first surprise was of my own making. I went and did some Christmas shopping. Yes, that's right, the ol' boy actually went out and did some Christmas shopping for the grandkids. Now, you understand I'm one of those people that looks up, it's a couple days before Christmas, and I'm runnin' from here to there and there and there... trying to find things those little ankle-biters will like (or at least fake it and tell me they do).

But for some reason, I got the Christmas buying bug on Saturday, so it was off to Kidtopia, Scheels, Claire's and a few other places.

Yes, tis true, I'm one of those folks that still likes the stores, the brick-and-mortar places that actually have a real live human being asking 'May I help you?' Call me a dinosaur.

Anyway, I picked up a few things and then thought "time for a sandwich."

I hadn't been to Schlotzsky's for a while and swung on in off 41st Street.

Hmm, not much in the parking lot. Well, it is about 3:00 PM or so, a slow time of day. That's what I thought as I pulled in, kinda slow. Turns out it was slower than I thought.

They were closed. As in permanently closed. As in Out of Business.

Yep, a small sign on the door... closed and thank you for your past patronage.

Insert 'sigh' here, please. I like Schlotzsky's, but apparently, not enough people did. I'm not sure why it closed, but it did. Another Saturday surprise.

So it was off to another sandwich place in town and yes, it was open.

As for the Christmas shopping?

Well, a small dent. That's what I accomplished, a very small dent in the grandkids Christmas list. Oh well, there'll be plenty of time to shop on that day before the day before Christmas.

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