The last time you went through the checkout at your local grocery store, did your eyes explode, your mouth dropped open and you stammered saying, "How much?" Of course and with several retail items, prices have shot up. Well, there is one Sioux Falls business that can calm your stress level while shopping for food.

Recently posted by Dakota News Now, Fair Market is the answer for many who want to save on their food budget and also keep food out of the landfills at the same time.

Shelves at Fair Market on South Carolyn Avenue are stocked full of inventory that would have ended up at the landfill. Instead, Kristin Johnson tells Dakota News Now that everything in her store is discounted shelf-stable grocery products. “Some of this stuff never even made it to the grocery store because of overproduction or you know a semi rollover on the interstate,” said Johnson.

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Just think of it. If this one outlet can purchases boxes that are full of salvaged foods from reclamation centers across the country, the number of families is countless who could cut their food budget dramatically.

“You know, shoot for 60 to 70 percent of retail and that’s kind of where we land. Some of the stuff you’ll find is cheaper, some of it might be a little more,” said Johnson.

Every little bit helps. Especially when you walk through the produce aisle and see one red pepper will cost you $2. Or your favorite apples are $4 a pound.

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