I told my wife this sounds stupid. I think my exact words were "This sounds stupid."

We were in the kitchen and she was trying to explain to me a new holiday game she had discovered, something called "Saran Wrap Ball Game". The more she explained, the more I thought...

This sounds stupid.

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I have two kids, both married, and between them, they've blessed us with the five best grandkids God ever put on earth. From age nineteen down to ten, I just knew they wouldn't be into something that involved a big ball of Saran Wrap with a bunch of little "prizes" wrapped inside it, between sheet after sheet after sheet of that sticky wrap.

But continue wrapping the Saran Wrap she did, and continuing to put in little prizes she did...and did...and did.

The prizes? Oh, things like small candies, gum, a toothbrush, more little candies, a dollar here, a dollar there. You get the idea.

And so on Christmas, she brought it out. This big (kind of clunky) ball of Saran Wrap fairly bulging with...little stuff...throughout. I thought to myself, "Get ready for disappointment, Dear".

For the fifteen or twenty minutes or so you couldn't hear yourself think. Off to the races, those grandkids went, frantically rolling off that Saran wrap, faster-faster-faster. There are dice involved in the Saran Wrap Ball Game as well, and I don't think I've ever seen a pair of dice get picked up, rolled again, and picked up again any faster.

I'm not going to go through the game Saran Wrap sheet by sheet, but you can read all about it here and get more details.

In talking afterward, all us...ahem...mature adults agreed that next time, we wanted to be a part of it, too! In fact, we were throwing out ideas for an adult version of the game. And why just confine the fun just to Christmas? How about birthdays? Or any day?

Yep, this could well become another family holiday tradition.

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