Everyone who lives in the Sioux Empire knows about Sanford Health. But you may not know that those who work there have put a fund together to ensure their workers can receive the help they need in times of hardship.

Many years ago the health system began an Employee Crisis Fund, which gives employees the opportunity to make donations to their own co-workers who are facing difficulties. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Employee Crisis Fund has been more important than ever before.

It was just recently announced the fund has grown to an astonishing one million dollars in just three weeks. Sanford's Chief Marketing Officer, Kimber Severson said “Because of the generous donations from employees, the fund currently sits at more than $1 million. That speaks volumes to the family that we have here at Sanford Health. In times like this, we step up to help one another. I’m so proud to be a part of that.”

The Employee Crisis Fund helps those employed at Sanford Health who are going through enormous changes in their lives. Each individual person is different and the fund accommodates many unique scenarios workers are faced with.

You can learn more about this story and many others on their website. Once there, you can also learn vital information about the coronavirus that is unique to our area. With videos where they speak to local health care individuals about the challenges in our area, as well as informational editorials and ways you can donate to their many causes; their website is one of the vital tools necessary during this national health crisis.

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