The Rock County Fair in Luverne, Minnesota is another casualty of the Coronavirus.

According to the Fair's Facebook Page, the 2020 Rock County Fair will not be held. Instead, the summer will be used to spruce up areas of the Fairgrounds and get busy planning to make the 2021 Fair the biggest and best ever.

I have so many great memories of that fair growing up near Leota, Minnesota. There were essentially three county fairs that we didn't miss: The Nobles County Fair in Worthington, the Pipestone County Fair in, of all places, Pipestone, and the Rock County Fair in Luverne.

And the Rock County Fair was my favorite for a very special reason.

Our neighbor down the gravel road by Leota was Howard and Lorraine Cook. Great folks, those two, and Howard had a multi-award winning herd of Angus cattle. As I recall, he would bring some of those Angus around to all the fairs in the region, and one of those spots was the Rock County Fair in Luverne. And as a little kid, I got to spend a entire the Fair in Luverne with him. We'd sleep (or bunk down, I like that term better) on some hay in the back of the truck. It was heaven! Yes, even the, uh, odor. It was all great!

Get up in the morning, do what we had to do to make sure the cattle were in good shape, get some breakfast somewhere, and then wait for the midway to open. I'm tellin' ya, it was like a vacation.

So when I saw that the sucky Coronavirus claimed another cancellation, it made me sad...but sure did resurrect a great memory!

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