A thief found a unique way to access additional living quarters in a multi-family residence in West Sioux Falls Sunday. (May 20)

Sioux Falls police were called to a residence near the intersection of Wheatland Avenue and Browning Street at 4:45 PM, where a woman had come home to find a broken window which appeared to be the access point for a robber. Going inside, the woman discovered that money was missing, and saw the access point to her attic looked as though it had been accessed, including fallen dust and debris from the attack entry. Police were called to investigate and search for the potential robber in the attic.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the thief was no longer in the attic, but evidence was found that the suspect had used the attic panels for access to other living units. Although it was determined multiple units had been entered, the other residents reported that none of their items were missing.

Police do not have a suspect named at this time and are accepting any tips from the public.


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