The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is offering the real deal: seeing first hand what it's like to be a law enforcement officer by attending their local citizen's academy.

Their recruitment statement posted on social media sounds enticing. "Tired of just watching crime scene and cop shows on TV? Want to know what law enforcement is really like? If so, you should consider attending the 2018 LCSO Citizens Academy. This academy is a great way to get to know and build relationships with your Lincoln County Deputies as well as get to know others in your community."

You'll be able to be along and observe during traffic stops, defensive tactics, crime scene processing, DUI investigations, active shooter response and more.

The Thursday night courses, three hours each time, start August 30 and run for ten weeks. Anyone residing in Lincoln County can attend the free academy, with a limited enrollment of 25 students. Classroom times will be at Liberty Elementary School in Harrisburg.

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