If you grew up in 'yesteryear', your hero might have been named Roy...or Dale.  It may have beenDavey Crockett or Daniel Boone (and didn't they look a lot alike!).  Perhaps it was a Captain named Kangaroo or Eleven.  It could have been any number of people, a man or a woman we looked up to, a person we wanted to be like.

And what about today?  Do kid's today have that Cowboy that rides off into the sunset after vanquishing the bad guys?  Probably not, since western's are pretty much out of vogue.  These days, I suppose, it's more likely a figure in a video game.  Such is progress.

Rex Allen Jr., a country music star in his own right, is the son of one of those hero's of 'yesteryear'.  And he asks that musical question...'Where Are The Hero's?'

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