The past year hasn't been a whole easier for the people of the Sioux Empire. Stress, uncertainty, and heartbreak continue to be everyday occurrences for far too many people as they desperately search for a degree of normality once again in their everyday lives.

Now imagine trying to navigate these challenging times while being stuck in an abusive situation. So many women and children are forced each day to stay in abusive situations because of the fear of being homeless, which oftentimes can be much greater than the fear of living with an abuser.

This is why an organization like the Sioux Falls Children's Inn plays such a pivotal role in our community.

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The Children's Inn offers a place of refuge from abuse, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for women and children throughout the Sioux Empire at no cost to its guests.

Like so many other charitable organizations, Children's Inn has been deeply impacted by the current health crisis, but the need in our community for the services they provide, unfortunately, continues to grow.

Again this holiday season you can help those in need by giving to the Results-Townsquare Media Children's Inn "Wishin' Mission" going on through (December 24.)

There are a number of different ways for you to support the amazing work the Children's Inn does throughout the entire year. You can have your gifts wrapped for a cash donation, drop off toys, and other needed items in our sleigh at the Children's Inn Gift Wrap booth in the Macy's wing of the Empire Mall.

Donate: 'Wishin’ Mission' for the Sioux Falls Children's Inn
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You can also mail cash donations and other new items (no gently used items are being accepted right now) to Children's Inn at 409 N. Western Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, or you can make an appointment to drop them off in person, if you're comfortable doing that, by calling 605-338-0116.

There's even a way for you to stay home, sit on your couch, and shop online for Children's Inn with their Target registry (which is more about basic needs).

If you're struggling for ideas on what to give. Think about the Children's Inn like you would your own home- - when you're considering what to give. Whatever you need to run your home, from utilities to toilet paper, groceries, clothing for you and your children, cleaning and personal hygiene items, and so much more, are all needed by the folks staying at the Sioux Falls Children's Inn.

Here are just a few items the Children's Inn could use this year:

  • Women’s pajamas, leggings, sweatpants, sweatshirts, underwear, coats (all sizes but especially XL-3XL)
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Laundry detergent (HE/high efficiency)
  • Coffee
  • Snack items like pop tarts, snack crackers, granola bars, cereal bars
  • Toys and gifts for kids up to age 7 (especially infants and teens)

You can see a complete list of need items and holiday gift ideas on the Children's Inn website.

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