When people think of California, they might think of Hollywood, sunny beaches, long hours in traffic, and tasty wineries across the state. Napa Valley is a popular spot to try numerous glasses of red wine. But the next time you're visiting southern California, consider visiting the wine country in Temecula.

When you travel along Temecula Wine Country, you'll discover miles of vineyards and dozens of wineries to explore. One winery to look into that has Midwestern roots is the Wilson Creek Winery.

Located in the heart of Temecula, Wilson Creek Winery was founded by the family of Gerry and Rosie Wilson. Believe it or not, Rosie is a Midwestern gal. She grew up in Ames, Iowa where her dad was a professor at Iowa State University. As for Gerry, he was born in Montana and his family moved everywhere. They eventually landed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. How did Gerry and Rosie meet? They first met on a train ride to Boise. The rest is history. Years later, they moved their family of six to California where Gerry was a financial advisor and Rosie ended up on a cooking show.

So how did Wilson Creek Winery come to be? One of the siblings, Bill Wilson wanted to take a risk to start a family-owned business. A winery in California seemed like the perfect idea. So in 1996, the Wilson Creek Winery was born! The family credits the winery's success "founded upon the love and commitment of the Wilson family members. The entire family is involved. Guests can feel the energy and personal touch when visiting the winery. Family members are always in attendance and ready to give a warm, personal welcome to all." I couldn't agree more with this statement. It does feel like family when you enter the winery.

My fiancé and I recently paid a visit to Wilson Creek Winery last month. This property is just breathtaking. There are picturesque spots to explore in each corner of the winery. We were even lucky enough to meet one of the siblings, Mick Wilson. Not only was he kind enough to capture some photos of us, but he also gifted me with a copy of his book about the family and winery history. There's honestly so much information in this book. But the theme is clear: A tight-knit family with a dream.

My pictures of Wilson Creek Winery don't do this winery justice! It's such a great property with a gorgeous view.

Thank you so much to the staff and Mick at Wilson Creek Winery for their hospitality. We can't wait to taste more delicious wine again. Cheers!

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