Now that October is here, Halloween is gradually showing up everywhere. Even though the spooky holiday doesn't come until the last day of the month, it starts on day one.

The biggest reminder that it is the season, is all the candy aisles in the stores. When I see bags of bite size candy bars, I think trick-or-treating.

Being a baby boomer, I'm very fond of Halloween. It was our generation that began the tradition of going door to door collecting candy.

It was a magical evening that came once a year. We now love seeing kids of today come to our door.

I have a 10-year old son, so I even get to take him trick-or-treating. Thru him, I get to relive the whole thing once again. I even get my hands on some of the candy.

Whether you collect the candy yourself, pilfer it out of your kids' trick-or-treat bags or hope there are leftovers from the stash you bought to pass out to the neighborhood ghosts and goblins, we all have our favorites.

Here is a list of the top 10 favorite Halloween candies and the reason why, according to the Daily Press:

  1. Snickers, it's a candy bar with substance.
  2. Nerds, they are basically pure sugar coated with sugar.
  3. Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops are the tastiest, especially the chocolate flavor.
  4. Life Savers, it's a good way to keep kids occupied.
  5. M&Ms, it wouldn't be Halloween without M&Ms.
  6. Reese's, with all of that peanut butter, enough Reese's cups could make a meal. Just don't tell that to your kids.
  7. Twizzlers, they're probably the sweetest store-bought version of licorice.
  8. Butterfinger, sinfully sweet.
  9. Skittles, they are always very popular.
  10. Candy corn, these always makes the list even though no one admits to liking it.

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