If you're a Classic Country music fan (and what the heck, I assume you are), somewhere in the back of your mind, hiding there in that mist that is memory you may just recall the name.

And then you delve a little further into that memory, c'mon, just a little deeper.  Yes, Lester had a band, too.  What was that?  Oh yeah...

'The Cadillac Cowboys'.

Now, one more thing.  Think hard now....where did they record that 'live' album?

Some school, wasn't it?  Oh, that's right!  Johnny Mack Brown High School!


Lester 'Roadhog' Moran
You Tube Screen Image


Well, this sterling star-studded group also made a trip to the big time, the big city, Nashville!

And here they are in 1975 on the TV show 'Pop Goes The Country'.

Hey, wait a minute.....those guys look familiar...are they 'Entertainers On And Off The Record'??




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