The ability to correctly choose which college basketball teams would win in the Men’s NCAA Tournament has been difficult this year. Let’s vow to make light of the plight instead of anger or shame.

For example, people of a certain age would remember a standard gag used by late night TV show host Johnny Carson. He would start the line by saying, “It was so hot today.” The studio audience would instinctively respond, “How hot was it?” followed by a funny retort.

“My NCAA tournament bracket is so bad.” “How bad is it?” Good job. You catch on fast. “My bracket is so bad that when I tried to throw it in the trash the rest of the garbage was offended.”

Truthfully, very little thought was used to make my picks. A flip of the coin was the determining factor in a majority of my selections which helps shift a lot of the blame.

Being a glutton for punishment, let’s bring out a random 1983 quarter minted in the good old U. S. of A. and rerack for the Sweet 16. Higher seed heads, lower seed tails.

I may have to check the quarter because heads came up a lot! Seven out of eight came up heads with only Clemson pulling the upset in the Sweet 16. Then only Gonzaga got the tail to make the Final Four. It’s either going to be, “Way to go, coin!” or “Way to go, coin,” Probably somewhere in between.

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