Friday morning (February 16) during the Main Street Cafe we were visiting with Deb Jersey about processed foods and what affect they have on our bodies. How we got on the subject was a study just came out claiming a connection between processed foods and cancer. The more processed foods you consumer, the greater your risk of cancer.

The study was conducted in France and found that there may be a connection between "ultra processed foods" like cereal, processed meats, packaged bread and fizzy drinks and the chances of someone coming down with cancer.

According to the study, in most developed countries, 50% of what the average person eats is processed in one way or another. And that may be a contributing reason as to why cancer rates are rising in most developed areas of the world.

Researchers found that a 10% increase in ultra processed food was associated with a 12% increased risk of overall cancer. They were quick to point out, however, that at this stage in their research it's just an observation - no firm conclusions can be drawn yet.

Source: USA Today

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