I was only 5 numbers off in last nights Powerball drawing for $432 million. So close. The numbers drawn for the Wednesday night (August 16, 2017) jackpot were 9, 15, 43, 60, 64. The Powerball is 4.

Saturday night's estimated jackpot will be around $510 million. That's some serious add on to the double-wide and put a DVD in the van kind of money.

While the lottery mother-ship Powerball is hogging the spotlight, Dakota Cash is at a record high. This Saturday night's drawing will be near $500,000. The previous record jackpot for Dakota Cash was set in 1994 when the jackpot reached $460,469.

Meanwhile, South Dakota's Hot Lotto Sizzler game is quietly approaching $10 million. Not bad for a jackpot that is 10x it's starting point.

A couple of nice paydays out there - if you're feeling lucky.

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