Look out! There's another one. Wow, did you see the size of that hole?

This is what you may be saying to yourself and your passengers when driving down the city of Sioux Falls this time of year. Potholes have been showing their ugly sites ever since the weather turned nice and now city crews are trying to stay ahead of the growing population.

The biggest headache for some is the costly repairs to your vehicle. It can sure add up in a hurry. According to a report from AAA South Dakota, that amount is upwards of $3 billion a year. And where does that money go? How about we distill this down.

If you are unfortunate to have a catastrophic failure after going one-on-one with a pothole and your car is un-drivable, then the cost of a tow truck will be the first expense. This should be the least of your worries. Your final repair bill may reach the $1,000's.

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At this point are you thinking about your insurance?

After you get to a repair shop be prepared for the worst. Oh, you might get lucky and the damage could be a minimum. You know the old saying, "It could have been worse." Hope for those words from the technician.

What damage do potholes cause? A list of items from AAA that your repairman will be checking over includes blown tires, dented rims, damaged wheels, dislodged wheel weights, displaced struts, dislocated shock absorbers, and a damaged exhaust system. They may also be concerned with misaligned steering systems and ruptured ball joints.

Be careful out there. The City of Sioux Falls is doing their best to make your commute a smooth ride. And contact the city for the bad ones at 367-8002.

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