Getting an outside perspective is always interesting, especially when it comes to a place you know so well yourself.

One popular YouTuber has been giving reviews about different cities, towns, and regions, all over the U.S., and made a pit stop in South Dakota's largest city a while back. Here's what he loved, and didn't love about the state's Queen City.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Joe and Nic's Road Trip has been documenting towns across the U.S. for years now and has amassed over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. With that kind of following, what they say matters, and what they had to say about the city of Sioux Falls was almost entirely positive.

The video begins at Falls Park and discusses how beautiful the place is, along with its proximity to Downtown Sioux Falls. It then takes a look at the Arc of Dreams and gives a little history on the monument.

Later, they head downtown, visiting different shops, and taking a look at the sculpture walk. While doing this, they mention how much the city has grown in recent years and talk about Sioux Falls' relatively low crime rate, compared to other similarly sized cities.

But what are some of the things this YouTube didn't like? Two Words: Wind, Weather. According to Joe and Nic's Roadtrip, the wind and the weather are the two biggest reasons why Sioux Falls doesn't have a population of over a million people.

But for the most part, the review was entirely positive. This video is a great example of what an outsider sees when they come to the city for the first time and is also a ringing endorsement for tourism.

Take a look at the video for yourself in the YouTube link below.

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