If you have been craving a delicious sandwich with fries this week from Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen in Sioux Falls, you're in luck! The popular sandwich diner just announced its doors are back open after some construction work. That's not the only news Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen staff told its sandwich lovers.

In a post on its Facebook page over the weekend, Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen expressed their gratitude for its loyal customers while they were updating this sandwich joint. One major change was replacing the entire kitchen floor. They also took the opportunity to update other aspects of the restaurant.

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Say good-bye to glass bottles of soda and hello to a new soda fountain machine at Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen. The post on its Facebook page explains that glass bottles "have become increasingly difficult to source." The soda fountain will be up and running sometime this week and yes...staff officials confirm that Fanta Orange is on the soda menu.

There will also be another notable change at Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen. The sandwich shop had no choice but to make some pricing adjustments to its menu.

The Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen crew aren't too thrilled about the changing prices either. Luckily, some of the staple items on its delicious menu will be the same price as it was when the restaurant opened six years ago. Here's the official explanation about the new prices from Facebook:
We've begrudgingly made some price adjustments to the menu. Many of our staples have been the same price since we opened almost 6 years ago. As you know, food & labor costs have really gone wild in the last few years. So don't be surprised to see an extra buck or two on certain items. Sorry.
It's always been our goal to operate with a few key ideals. First is to offer you delicious & unique dishes, prepared from scratch with proper technique and never cutting corners. Next, is to foster a healthy workplace environment where staff can learn & grow their culinary skills and do so while earning a livable wage.
In order for us to continue to operate with those ideals, we need to make occasional adjustments to keep up with rising costs. So again, sorry.

With that, we hope to see you soon!
It's so crucial to support local businesses like Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen. It's even more important during the holiday season.
If you haven't visited Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, check out its menu. Have your lunch hour at this Sioux Falls hotspot!

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