In 1994 country music star Alan Jackson famously sang about how so many artist's have 'Gone Country'. How prophetic he was!

Last year Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler decided to try country music. And now one of pop music's biggest 1980's star's has followed suit.

Cyndi Lauper will be releasing a country music album in May entitled 'Detour'.

Beginning with 1983's chart topping 'Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun', Cyndi was not only a consistent force in pop music's Top Ten, the 80's was the decade when she also was one of MTV's biggest stars. So the question becomes: Can she, as Alan Jackson predicted, 'Go Country'?

Well, on the new 'Detour' album, she sings with people like Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson. (OK, no surprise Willie is there, it would be a shock if he wasn't!) And the song list is impressive.

Cyndi sings classic's like 'Misty Blue', 'Walkin' After Midnight', 'Heartache's By The Number', 'Night Life' and 'I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart'.

Are the songs truly 'country'? And will Nashville and the greater country music genre' accept Cyndi Lauper? That, of course, remains to be seen. But one thing I'll say: On the song below, the Ray Price classic 'Heartache's By The Number', she certainly doesn't shy away from the steel guitar and a nice fiddle!

Give it a listen and see what you think.

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