UPDATE: Fargo Police Department Chief Todd has confirmed the body of Savanna Greywind has been found.


Fargo authorities continue to look for a missing pregnant woman, while arresting neighbors who had a mysterious newborn baby in their apartment.

On Saturday August 19, family members contacted Fargo police to report Savanna Marie Greywind missing. The 22 year old woman was eight months pregnant.

Authorities questioned other tenants in Greywind's apartment, including a couple who said they had seen her earlier, helping her with a sewing project. 38 year old Brooke Lynn Crews and 32 year old William Henry Hoehn initially said they assumed Greywind went back to her apartment after leaving theirs.

Multiple interviews continued with the couple and a search warrant was obtained, where authorities discovered a newborn baby, according to a police statement:

Brooke Crews was home during the execution of the search warrant. A newborn infant was also present in the apartment. The infant was alive and was immediately taken to a medical facility. Our investigation thus far indicates the probability that this is Savanna Greywind’s child's. Further information was developed and evidence obtained, William Henry Hoehn and Brooke Lynn Crews were both arrested and charged with class A Felony Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping.

According to Chief David Todd, Detectives are working with multiple search agencies to locate Greywind, and are asking anyone in or near Fargo to check their residences and outbuildings for Greywind or anything suspicious.

We are also seeking information regarding a brown 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 door with MN 876 EPR plates. Some distinguishing characteristics of the Jeep is the rust on the roof and the missing paint on the hood.

To report any tips, contact the Fargo Police department through their First Link Tip Line at 701-235-7335.

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