A 76-year-old man who died in a Sioux Falls fire Wednesday has been identified and Police are now looking for information to contact and notify more of his family.

Gene Arthur Welsch was unresponsive when Sioux Falls Fire Rescue found him inside a burning mobile home. CPR was started as soon as he was out of the house and an ambulance took him to a Sioux Falls hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The mobile home fire was in the 7500 block of West 14th Place in Sioux Falls on Wednesday (January 23) just before 6:00 PM. The man was listed as living at the address, however, police don't know how long he'd been staying there.

Once identified, authorities searched for the man's family. Although they've had a few contacts, they are asking the public if they know of any family of Welsch, to contact them at 367-7000.

Police say an autopsy is being conducted, however, it will be about two weeks before the results will be available for the investigation.



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