Normally families would be putting together the final touches on their long-awaited summer vacation.

Normally. Uh, what is that again?

What we are experiencing right now is anything but normal. However, things are looking up. Recently in Sioux Falls the city parks, playgrounds, outdoor basketball, and tennis courts are seeing activity, people are golfing (or trying to!). So hopefully we are working our way back to 'normal', at least in some form.

We are fortunate to live in a state and region that offers a plethora of vacation destinations. Oh sure, you can zoom off to the coasts, maybe Florida or Sin City. But you sure don't have to.

Good 'ol South Dakota welcomed over 14 million visitors to the state last year, and it's no wonder why. From the Badlands to the Worlds Only Corn Palace, from some of the best parks and camping areas, great fishing, and don't forget the Free Ice Water at Wall Drug!

Oh yeah, and we do have those four fella's pictured up above there. They're pretty cool dudes, too.

Of course, we have great vacation spots right here in and around Sioux Falls. It might be some fun in the sun inside the city limits, or a short dive in just about any direction will showcase the beauty that is our state.

So I say, let's go ahead and plan that summer vacation. How about we meet on the river (yes, we just call it 'The River') at Chamberlain? Or explore the hills from Spearfish to Hot Springs? Or take some time and admire the beautiful Falls right here in Sioux Falls?

Yes, there may be some restrictions, guidelines and such. But in a whole lot of parts of our great state, social distancing isn't a problem.

Explore South Dakota. Experience Sioux Falls. And let's all have a great summer. We deserve it.

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