The skies over Sioux Falls and the surrounding region will be active for the next several days as the men and women of the South Dakota Air National Guard (SDANG) practice some of their exercises.

According to a release by the SDANG, the 114th Fighter Wing will be exercising its ability to perform 24-hour operations, something that would be realistically expected in a deployed environment. And yes, you will hear and see the F-16 aircraft more than normal.

It's quite a sight to see these maneuvers. And, hats off to the crew members who spend countless hours keeping these machines in the air.

Want to get up close to the aircraft? This Thursday, August 5 is Discover Aviation Day at the Maverick Air Center, where there will be great activities for all ages and some classic planes on display.

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In its continuing mission, the 114th Fighter Wing continues to train and make ready to deploy worldwide and execute directed tactical fighter sorties to destroy enemy forces, supplies, equipment, communications systems, and installations with conventional weapons.

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