A hospital visit was required for a woman who tried to protect her dog from an attack by a Pit Bull on Saturday evening.

Police Spokesman Lt. Loren McManus says the attack happened in the 5500 block of West Bream Place as two women were both walking their respective dogs a little after 7:00 PM.

"This dog had jumped out of a window of a house and had bitten this 45 year-old woman in the hand. It sounds like she did go to one of the hospitals for treatment of that injury."

Police also say the dog that was attacked by the Pit Bull suffered a broken leg in the incident. The second woman who was walking her dog was able to secure her pet and those two were uninjured.

As part of Police protocol, the Pit Bull and will be housed at the Humane Society for 10 days to account for the possibility for rabies.

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