During the holidays we look forward to connecting with family and friends and enjoying a delicious meal with the prized ham featured in the center of the table.  However, many individuals in our communities are food insecure, and without organizations like Feeding America, it would have been limited to no protein to serve their families.

PIPESTONE recognizes this need, and teamed up with local grocery stores on a project called "Give a Helping Ham."

For every pound of ham purchased from any of the twenty-three participating grocery stores from November 18th to 27th, PIPESTONE would donate a pound of pork in return.

“Protein continues to remain on the needs list for food banks serving families with food insecurity in our local communities,” stated Dr. Luke Minion, CEO of Pipestone.  “We are honored to help serve that need by partnering with local grocery stores and food banks on the Give a Helping Ham program.”

“Pipestone offers the largest pork protein donations to Feeding South Dakota,” said Matt Gassen, CEO of Feeding South Dakota.  “We are so thankful for PIPESTONE and their work on this program.



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