Where we are raised has a profound effect on a number of things in our lives.

Like how we communicate.

Sure we all learn the basics of English growing up but each part of the country puts their own unique spin on certain things within that language.

The website ApartmentTherpay.com has four that they say are quintessentially Midwestern:

  • Garage sale: Folks around here are going to greatly dispute this one. After all, Sioux Falls is home to the gigantic Kingswood Rummage each year. Kingswood Garage Sale just doesn't sound the same.
  • Pop: Commonly known as soda in a large part of the country. It refers to anything sweet and bubbly.
  • Bubbler: Speaking of bubbles, apparently 'bubbler' is what some people call what is generally known as a drinking fountain. This seems to be a Wisconsin thing referring to the water bubbling up from a central spout.
  • Gym shoes This can be anything from tennis shoes to sneakers in other parts of the country.

Is there anything you'd add to this list?

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