We're quickly approaching 'snow day' season - where kids are hoping they get a break from school when the weather turns too frightening. As a kid, those unexpected days were the best. Watching TV and playing board games. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then bundling up for sledding and building a killer snow fort.

Now, thanks to technology, those days are ending in some Midwest school districts and students are crying foul on the school board.

Administrators at the Community High School in Libertyville, Illinois, just created "e-learning" days. The school-issued laptop computers will be active with lessons for 5 hours on days the school doors can't open due to weather. So, instead of getting a snow day, kids will be saddled with a boring e-learning day.

This is nothing short of heartbreaking and cruel. Technology is great, except when it ruins something you truly love.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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