Do as I say, not as I do.

Those darn kids are addicted to their smartphones. That's all they do, the slackers, look at that stupid little screen constantly!

Oh wait, let me check my phone.


As it turns out, while you think your kids are addicted to that darn phone, they think the same thing of you.

MarketWatch is reporting that 39% of teenagers which their parents would get off that doggone phone. 38% of the teens say they think that Mom and Dad are addicted to their mobile device. And that's not all. In fact, 45% of parents say 'Yep, I am. I'm addicted'. More than half of parents admit they spend too much time on the smartphone.

Read the article here and it might open your eyes, whether you're a Mom or Dad, or if you're a teen. It seems like 'technology addiction' knows no age.

So the next time you're just about ready to tell that kid to 'Get off that phone!', stop for a minute.

And don't be checking your smartphone.