Where would we be today without email, Facebook, Twitter, or MapQuest at our fingertips? Accessing these communication tools on our smartphones wouldn't be possible without the use of handy-dandy apps!

The Guardian reports that Apps, otherwise known as "Applications” became popular around July of 2008.  This is the same year that Apple launched its App Store for Apple users.  At that time, only 500 apps were available for download or purchase.  According to the New York Times, there are now over 2 million apps available in the App Store.

There is literally an app for everything!  In fact, “dating" isn't even what it used to be.  Young adults can easily meet someone on a dating app (Tinder, Match.com, Bumble) without even having a face-to-face conversation.  This could be a great explanation for why Millennials don't feel comfortable talking to someone in person or over the phone.

Even applying for jobs can be accomplished through an app like LinkedIn or Glassdoor.  As long as your resume is accessible on your phone, you can submit it through the touch of an app!

What is your favorite app?


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