In talking this morning on the show about how Tasha and I go about our laundry washing procedure, which sounds ridiculously boring in itself, I discovered Tash and many other people are crazy.

The need to leave things clean and tidy is strong in many people. After dumping liquid laundry detergent in the washer, many folks will rinse out the measuring cap of the bottle.

Some with a deeper compulsion for neatness are washing the cap with the laundry.

Why? Some listeners texted in and said it was because they fear a mess on the bottle, despite the bottle being designed to drain excess soap out of the cap and back into the bottle. Others, like Tash, feel the laundry is not getting its full dose of soap, despite her added extra dab after the cap full.

Others just have to because their brain makes them do it.

I think it's nuts, but you do you.

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