If you know of someone who has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning for work or school, you need to get them the new Alarmy Clock.

How it works is you "register" a photo of an area or room in your house. Once the alarm is set the only way to shut it off is by taking a photo in the registered area.

One user says. "If you really want to be weird, you could use a photo of the front of your house. Your neighbors will wonder at the sight of you stumbling outside in your pajamas every morning to take a fresh picture of your home."

If that doesn't sound like an option that would work for you, you can also set it up to where you have to shake the phone for a specific length of time to get it to shut off.

Another option that's available is to set it up to where you have to solve a different math problem each morning before the alarm will shut off.

And I love their advertising slogan - "Sleep If U Can."

Source: Alarmy

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